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Welcome to Knit Suite

Knit Suite is a community for knitting geeks, based around the books, patterns, and other knitting things from Liz Cademy. Knit Suite is a lot more than just a store; it’s a place to learn new things, share your ideas, and be an active part of the community

Knit Suite is … Books

Knit Suite began with three iOS apps that were converted to ebooks. At present, there are 4 published ebooks, with another in the works, and a paper book being written. All the books appeal to thinking knitters and designers, both amateur and professional.

Knit Suite is … Techniques & Tips

I will be maintaining an active blog, full of knitting tips and techniques. From the merits of different increases to the many uses of perle cotton, there will be lots to learn. If you have a tip, please share it … guest authors are very welcome.

Knit Suite is … Products

In my professional life, I’m a web and graphic designer. I designed a number of knitting related images, and use Zazzle to add them to products for sale. Project bags, tool bags, tea mugs, binders … and lots more. In addition, newsletter subscribers will have access to limited edition designs.

Knit Suite is … Geeky

A knitting geek is someone interested in the theory, process and details of knitting. I’m a knitting geek, and the Knit Suite site is a community for other knitting geeks. If you are interested in yarn structure, calculating decreases for an unusual neckline, math-based patterns, or details on knitting tools, you’re in the right place.

Knit Suite is … Patterns

I have two small but growing lines of patterns. One is of patterns for complete projects, from the simple to the open-ended. My other line is a collection of vintage stitch pattern charts. I inherited a large collection of mid-20th century knitting magazines, and am adapting the stitch and color patterns from these for modern use.

Knit Suite is … Reviews

There is so much media about knitting out there, and so many tools! As part of the blog, I’ll be publishing reviews on tools, yarns, books, videos, etc. that I find particularly interesting (and usually, geeky). I’ll also be publishing “Useless Reviews”, for items that are out of print or otherwise hard to find, but are too good to be forgotten.

Knit Suite is … You

Knit Suite needs your input. My goal is to make a thriving community for knitting geeks, where we can all have a voice and engage in discussion. If you have an idea for a blog post, if you want to share photos, let me know. Or if you just want to sit back and make snarky comments on the blog (knitting related only, please), do that.


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